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"This is my talent, this is my gift...

this is my passion."

Freelance Graphic Designer/Promotional Consultant


 So I started as a freelancer, and then decided to not only start up my own design and print business but continue my education. I eventually obtained a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media.  By the time I finished, my talent had become more than apparent and I finally found what I love to do.


Graphic design is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change both in myself and my clients. In all my years and hundreds of projects, I have yet to finish one and not feel proud and accomplished in reaching the goal of my client.  Design captures the vision of the human being and transforms that thought into a tangible product.   When you need help with creative, design, or even just a sketch to present to an interior designer or architect, imagine what ImageNation Grafix can do for you.

​I got my start in the world of graphic design during my senior year of college.  Although I chose journalism and mass communications as my major (with a discipline in Advertising), I fell in love with the art of graphic design during a magazine layout course.  After working as a graphic artist laying out advertisements for a local newspaper company, I discovered this was something I love to do. 

Fast forward 7 years, I decided to offer consultation services due to the demand for that service from the majority of my clients.  Some just need advice and are not ready for the tangible aspect of promoting their business, project, or event.  That is when Mind To Matter Design was born, and now I have meshed the companies together to provide you a one-stop website for whatever your need.